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Route Ca Ba - Hanoi

With a combined bus and ferry ticket from CatBa to Hanoi, you will arrive in Hanoi within 4 hours. This method is the easiest, fastest and also the cheapest way to travel from CatBa Island to Hanoi.

The trip offered by the local travel agent ‘Alibaba’ is fast and convenient, but if you want a more luxurious option we recommend to book with Cat Ba Express, Daiichi Travel, Good Morning Cat Ba ... .

If you want to travel by train, you need to travel from Hai Phong railway station to Hanoi. To reach this railway station, you need to take a ferry to Hai Phong Harbour and then a taxi to the railway station.

This is an interesting option if you want to transfer to another train after you arrive in Hanoi. If not, then you are much better off booking a combined bus ticket. Buses are often cheaper and bring you directly from CatBa to Hanoi.