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Operated Golden Horse


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* Phone booking online:

  0979.110.111 (8:00 - 17:00)

* Headquarters EcoSapa:

  Hanoi: 61 Lo Su Street Street, Hoan Kiem District

* Popular Bus Routes:

+ Hanoi – Sapa 7:00 am

+ Sapa – Hanoi: 15:30 pm


- 400.000 VND/ 1 way (similar to 20 USD)

- 760.000 VND/ 2 ways (similar to 37 USD)


Offering outstanding bus quality, Golden Horse  operated 2 Limousine cars to transfer tourists from Hanoi to Sapa and vice versa. Being well-appointed with modern facilities, Golden Horse  Limousine will bring tourists unique experiences for a long journey to reach the most favorite destination in Vietnam.


Golden Horse  Limousine offers a maximum of 9 luxury soft seats to create a spacious and airy space for customers. Offering luxury interior and modern amenities such as LED TV, Wi-Fi, electricity sockets, cup holder, transport insurance, and English speaking guide, Golden Horse  Limousine has pleased a great number of customers.

Office Ecosapa:

+ Hanoi: 61 Lo Su Street, Hoan Kiem District

+ Sapa: No 785 Dien Bien Phu Street


  • 1 bottle of water, Wifi and transport insurance.
  • Free hotel pickup and drop-off included
Route Description Price

Booking Ticket Online: Hanoi - Sapa

Free hotel pickup and drop-off included
400000 đ
450.000 đ

Booking Ticket Online: Sapa - Hanoi

Free hotel pickup and drop-off included, pick up from 15.00pm - 15.30pm Hotel in Sapa
400000 đ
450.000 đ

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