Catba Island

Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba Island -- more than 350 square kilometers.

a bike or go for a day tour that organize by locals who speak English, which understand every special corner in the island. 3 beaches are available on island as well, is a good option to swim and have a little sun bath when the weather is sunny. Outside of Cat Ba town is a beautiful island with much to explore.

Around half of the area is covered by National Park, 60 specimens are believed to survive in the wild, both land and marine. Trekking tour for National park available in the whole island or you can just do a short trek for a taste of it.

Water sports (canoeing, kayaking) and rock climbing are option for those who love outdoor activities. Boat trip is the best way for discover fabulous scenery for Lanha Bay and Halong Bay – there is options to choose for everyone need, from luxury to budget and from 1day tour to 2 – 3 days trip on boat