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Tickets Refund Policy

Policy provisions on pay / cancel, canceled flights, missed flights and car services (only applies to tickets Effective)

1. Buyers actively refund / cancellation

After completing the payment of tickets, book your tickets are confirmed Effective tickets, but you can still cancel the booking there.

The cancellation (except the departure ticket in holidays include at least the 03 days before and after the holidays there), the buyer can take a cancellation fee (prorated% Original ticket price, ie no promotional fares, discounts) depending on time Cancel Car as follows:

  • Previous 12 Hours before the departure time of the ticket: No Charges
  • First 09 Hours before the departure time of the ticket: 10%
  • First 06 Hours before the departure time of the ticket: 50%
  • First 03 Hours before the departure time of the ticket: 80%
  • First 01 Hours before the departure time of the ticket: 90%
  • After 01 Hours before the departure time of the ticket: 100%

Where the buyer to cancel the tickets of departure in holidays include a minimum of 03 days both before and after the holidays, the ticket fee will be completely canceled by the seller decides. When booking departure on holidays in buyer agreed and approved according to all decisions made by the seller.

Method refund to the buyer by the two parties in every transaction. The transaction cost charge (banks, transport tickets ...) the buyer will be in case the buyer cancellation initiative.

Not applicable terms on the tickets go on holidays - New Year according to the provisions of the state. The cancellation on holidays will be as prescribed by each automaker.

  1. Garages cancellations 

Where carmakers cancel a trip or service vehicles, will try to notify Buyers earliest and efforts support services Buyers find the most common alternative. If the buyer does not agree to use alternative services, will refund 100% of the fare for the buyer.

3. The buyer missed the trip

Buyers must be present before the departure time at least 30 minutes to sort luggage and seat. and transport partners will not be liable if the buyer does not make this request.

Vehicle stopping time for reference only. Because long-distance car can run time would be misleading. So car buyers ticketing between races should contact the automaker or for more precise information on the bus now. If people do not buy tickets contact between races before, or not contact automakers to catch the transport and partners will not be held responsible for missed flights buyers.

If the cause of the bus ride is missed due to run before the departure time or the automakers have to contact the customer to pick between races without pickup, will refund 100% of the fare paid for the buyer.

4. Regulations on the seats, beds and other gadgets on the car are obliged to ensure a sufficient number of empty beds (empty seat) on the respective number of ticket buyers Effective set. In case, the car is not enough bed space (empty seat) corresponding ticket number Effective and Buyers refused to use the service, will refund 150% of the fare paid by the Buyer.

If the ticket buyer has requested more about where the bed (chair) wishes, will try (but not required) with transport partners to meet the requirements of buyers.

Utilities such as WiFi, power outlets, restrooms or any other service on the vehicle mentioned in service representatives, its most popular vehicles. This information helps buyers with an overview before deciding to book tickets. However, no responsibility 100% guaranteed vehicles meet this requirement, because a car company can have a lot of different vehicles equipped according to each period. If buyers have any questions, complaints by lacking the amenities of this area as well as the shortcomings of quality vehicles and service quality, buyers can comment directly to the carmakers or submit comments about prestige carmakers on credit.

tickets-refund-policy with Vietnam Bus Travel
Methods Refun

The fare is refunded in the case be transferred to your bank account, debit card, credit card or e-wallet account that passengers used when booking or other methods agreed upon by both parties.
Normally, banks would need a few days of practice to work for this amount credited to the account or card.
In cases where the refund amount is not credited to the account of passengers in 05 working days, please email to provide information and canceled the ticket code. We will provide you the necessary support to help passengers soon realized the amount to be repaid.

The transaction fee or shipping charges will not be refunded tickets in every case.