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Ethnic girl nurtures dreams of mountainous children

Ethnic girl nurtures dreams of mountainous children

With great endeavour, she achieved her dream of having a stable job while bringing a better life to thousands of mountainous children. 

In the last days of November, Su was travelling from Sa Pa town in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai to Hanoi to call on the Mong people in the delta to organise a workshop on giving money and candy to mountainous children. 

Su recalled her hard childhood when she, like other children in the locality, had to quit school and wander the streets to earn a living by selling souvenirs to tourists. 

Visitors to Sa Pa often give money and candy to local children, which motivates them to keep asking tourists for things, Su said.  

Su said she began to dream about a wealthy life and tours worldwide after a group of UK tourists visited her town but gave nothing to local children. Instead, they talked with them and taught them English. 

With strong determination, the girl learned English through conversations with foreign tourists and then worked as a tour guide. Apart from English, she can speak French and Chinese. 

In 2007 when she was 21, Su set up Sapa Limited O’Chau aiming to help stabilise the lives of mountainous children with O’Chau, which means “thank you Sapa” in Mong language. The company provides tourism services while creating jobs and learning opportunities for local chilren.

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